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Sundial PSI/SI and EPG is a unique, feature rich DVB PSI and DVB SI and Electronic Programme Guide Generator that generates the essential data signals forming part of the digital television stream. The data signals are essential for the digital television receivers (being build into the television or in the form of a stand alone box Set-top box (STB) to navigate and find channels as well as to improve the overall television user experience by displaying a comprehensive EPG on the television screen giving information about current as well as future programs and support advanced functionality e.g. Advanced EPG and series recording.

The functionality provided is within the industry frequently referred to as:

PSI/SI Generator, EIT Generator, EPG Server, EPG Generator, DVB-SI Generator, DVB-SI Management System, EPG for OTT, DVB Service Information, PSI/SI Generator, Electronic Programme Guide Generator, Electronic Service Guide Generator

Sundial integrates a DSM-CC for DVB-SSU OTA Software Loader and HbbTV Generator applications like AIT, DSM-CC for interactive applications and interactive regionalized ads.

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Feature-rich, dynamic DVB-SI and EPG generator built on open standards and interfaces for terrestrial, cable, satellite and broadband - precise, reliable and accurate EPG for any platform - Guiding Any Screen

Example of an EPG as displayed on the television.