Barrowa is a limited liability company (registration number 30520726) incorporated in Denmark. The company was founded and is fully controlled by a group of senior experts in digital television technology possessing solid experience obtained through years of worldwide co-operation with major international broadcasters, large-scale TV distribution platform operators, telcos and global partners in the digital TV industry.

Our mission is not only to bring our clients "best of breed" solutions but also to allow our clients to benefit from our extensive, unique experience that contributes towards an easy and optimal implementation.

The name Barrowa, originates from Australian Aborigines that used a barrowa also called bullroarer as an ancient ritual musical instrument and means of communicating over extended distances. Many may remember how Crocodile Dundee used a barrowa to communicate with his friends. One may say that this was the first mobile phone! As a company Barrowa is committed to communicate with all stakeholders and work with communications systems all while we respect the history of the Australian aborigines.